Annu Wilenius' Museum of Umbrellas, 2014



Only Miss the Sun When It Starts to Rain?
(Annu Wilenius’ Museum of Umbrellas)
Umbrellas, photographs, video, texts, 2014




Knirps, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2005
Present from Niels, who got it from his granny, who had had a bad fight with her husband after buying such an expensive umbrella, sometime in the 50s, early 60s. This is also the only of my umbrellas that actually has a name. Later I found a brown Knirps, but gave that one to Oula, so no longer in collection.


Beautiful 1950s Umbrellas, Pori, Finland, 2010
Just for the colour and shape.


Miyajima, Japan, 2007
Train travelling with Hella Tokyo-Kyoto-Miyajima-Osaka, also photographed a Taoist gate here that ended up as part of a Finnish school book of religion along side with toy windmills ‘planted’ for aborted children in Aomori.


Enviromental Research Centre, Reposaari, Finland, 2008
Mirja and Jouni worked minding a large wooden villa in Reposaari, outside Pori.
It was owned by the University of Turku and worked as an environmental research centre. Just outside there is a cliff beach where some 40 years ago Jouni proposed to Mirja, and Mirja said yes. In 2008 there was an exhibition curated by Mirja from all the ballast heaps that hundreds of years of being a port had accumulated there. I was teaching a course on curating and one thing that the students could have done was to design information for Mirja’s exhibition. No one was interested and I ended up doing it myself. The best part of which was finding this umbrella from the attic and making it into a First Aid point in case someone digging in the ballast got hurt. Later Mirja gave the umbrella to me. It had been out in the sun all summer and turned from green to white.


Ub Ears, Mongolia, 2011
Bought this with Oula and we used it together which made a lot of people laugh, but it was the only umbrella in our corner store in Ulaanbaatar.


Japanese Style Parasol, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014
Just for being Asian Style and combining blue, green and white.





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