SCIENCE FICTION SENSE MORALE REVISITED   The Others II at Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam

Saturday 21 May 2005

This second edition in the series of ‘The Others’ is a symposium discussing how visions of moral issues are presented in science fiction films with special emphasis on ethics toward nature, women and other non-human phenomena.
The symposium will be introduced by Annu Wilenius, coorganiser and currently artist-in-residence at Het Wilde Weten.

Then follows a series of talks by:
Ewoud van Rijn (artist NL)
Steve Rushton (artist/writer UK/NL)
Steven Barich (artist/writer USA/NL)
Susanne Kriemann (artist NL)
André Kuipers (astronaut NL)
that will be concluded by a group discussion.

At 23.30h the evening will finish with a concert by the band Applegarden.

During the whole evening, there will be continuous simultane filmscreenings of:

Richard Fleischer: SOYLENT GREEN (1973)

Geoff Murphy: THE QUIET EARTH (1984)

René Daalder: HABITAT (1985)

Andrej Tarkovsky: SOLARIS (1972)

Steven Soderbergh: SOLARIS (2003)

Franklin J. Schaffner: PLANET OF THE APES (1967)

Tim Burton: PLANET OF THE APES (2001)

The selection of films is based on the idea that science fiction is not necessarily so much occupied with what is truly alien but rather with human self-reflection. Sci-fi uses the change of scenery to future or to outer space to reflect on possible situations where our moral convictions and/or instinctual behaviour or the combination of these - that might be called our culture - is challenged. Simply: We go out to space to find ourselves.
The Others has been made possible by financial support of the Rotterdamse Kunst Stichting / Rotterdam Art Foundation.