Annu Wilenius: Compact Ger, Mongolia, 2006


Kallio Kunsthalle presents: ENERGY
Exhibition opening 2.11.2012 klo 18:00-21:00.
2.11.-2.12.2012 (Toinen Linja 31, Kallio, Helsinki)

For the good and the bad, where would we be without energy… Coffee! Gasoline! Vitamins! Electricity! Greek ἐνέργεια stood for activity and operation, but todays concept is dominated by technological needs and worries - technologies of the body included.

The energizers
It is 25 years since Chernobyl, and Siro Micheroli has wandered from Prypjat to Slavutych to capture photographically the ecological and cultural hangover of the city. Annu Wilenius portrays a postmodern yurt in her photo – a nomadic building sucking solar energy. “A white naked man in the vast landscapes of Iceland. (...) A man makes love to nature.” What the HECK? Clemens Wilhelm! Video. Liisa Valonen sneaks into domesticated Helsinki life through a bunch of polaroids. - Black Mountain, baby! This needs no explanation? A rubber glove by Niklas Ekman! Grégoire Basdevant collects the last kanjis from the rescue workers of Fukushima! J-P Metsävainio travels 1500 light years backwards with a camera to capture unknown landscapes! Inside the table Kallio Contemporary Art Museum: Geo Remponeau - and his voice of freedom radio cards with a real morse key! And: Petri Saarikko paints on the fuse box while Jan Neva releases his phoenix. What? Come and see!

Last, but definitely not the least: We serve the already legendary philosopher Richard Shusterman’s text on somaesthetics (and body energies), which is published hand in hand with Yann Thoma’s (FRA) fabulous pics of Shusterman (co-author of the pics as well) in his somaesthetics suit! Pics featured solo as well!

Hot! Awesome! Manic!

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