curated by SKY - Finnish Association of Curators
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BAR SOCIS & RAVINTOLA KOSMOS curated by Wilenius





My Home on the Road, Afsluitsdijk, The Netherlands, video, 2009


Bar Socis


Togmidshiirev Enkhbold, videoperformances

T. Enkhbold travels around the world documenting performances he conducts with his self-made yurt. In Mongolia the yurt (the ger in Mongolian) represents everything practical in life as well as the cosmology of how the world is – and is lived in. The yurt is mobile and flexible, it is material and it is social. By bringing his performances to foreign places and audiences T. Enkhbold brings Mongolian thought  to others as well as relives himself the experiences and ideas that are connected with building and re-building the yurt.



Amalgamator, HD 1080p, 16:9, 9:00 min, Stereo, 2012



Pink Twins, videoperformances

Pink Twins is a duo of visual artists and electronic musicians, brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen, based in Helsinki, Finland. Pink Twins’ videos work on the crossing of visual art and music. Their computer-treated imagery focus on human perception, its functionality and limits. The work Amalgamator they describe by: ”Pink Twins, the masters of reality, unleash their fury and wipe your retinae clean with this wild amalgamation of structuralism, chaotic 3D programming, digital video feedback, landscape imagery and moving action painting, backed by tasteful electroacoustic piano magic.”


      Bypass, alkyd and Indian ink on wood, 30 cm x 33 cm, 2009


Restaurant Kosmos

Konsta Huusko, paintings

In Huusko’s paintings scenic views and more abtract ways of thinking merge in a flowing manner. He describes himself as a ” pathway painter immersed in traffic and roadway signages and significances”